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PM SOUND specializes in the recording of Cornwall's Brass Bands and Choirs. In our 25 year history we have recorded and sold music to audiences around the globe. Our recordings are frequently used by the BBC for local and national transmissions...

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KERNOWYON A GAN (Men of Cornwall Sing!)


The Federation's fantastic weekend in London will live long in the memory of all those who were there. Already we are receiving people's enthusiastic messages after the concert.

'Is there a CD' The answer is Yes!

You can place your

- only £12.50

Also available from:
The Cornish Store Falmouth – www.thecornishstore.com

Disc 1 - The Massed Choirs
1. Let There Be Light
2. Hail To The Homeland
3. You Raise Me Up
4. With Cat-Like Tread
5. A Roman War Song
6. Bring Him Home
7. The White Rose
8. Nessun Dorma
9. Ride The Chariot
10. Hallelujah
11. Away From The Roll Of The Sea
12. Home, Home From The Sea
13. Speed Your Journey
14. Deus Salutis
15. The Lord's Prayer
16. Close Thine Eyes
17. Battle Hymn Of The Republic
18. Morte Criste
19. Trelawny
Disc 2 - Cornish Youth Orchestra Cambiata Cornwall / Dalla
1. Meistersinger Overture
2-5. Four Cornish Dances
6. Theme & Variations On Trelawny
7. Estren (The Stranger)
8. My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose
9. Turning Of The Tide
10. Kernow Bys Vikken

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